Featured Artwork: Stephanie Revennaugh presented by the Celebration of Fine Art

“Beautiful Together” by Stephanie Revennaugh

“Beautiful Together”


Edition of 21



Artists on Art:

Stephanie Revennaugh is an artist with a life-long passion for the horse.  She expresses her creative drive and fascination with the animal by modeling the equine form in clay with her hands and simple tools.  It is then transformed into bronze through the alchemy of casting and patina.

Originally from Ohio and raised in Costa Rica and Bolivia, Revennaugh’s artistic and equestrian pursuits have found her living in Kentucky, Colorado, Montana and France. Currently, she splits time between Montana and Arizona.

Revennaugh is the recipient of the 2017 National Sculpture Society’s Marilyn Newmarket Memorial Grant.  Her work has been shown at numerous art and equine events including the National Sculpture Society Annual Exhibition, the Sporting Art Auction at Keeneland Racetrack and Longines Master Los Angeles.  She won the Ex Arte Equinus VI Portfolio Award in March 2015, received Best New Artist award at DCW Museum’s Cowgirl Up!

Stephanie’s work can be seen at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ January 14 – March 26, 2017. The Celebration of Fine Art is a unique art experience which gives visitors the opportunity to watch 100 artists in their working  studio under one roof. Open daily from 10 am – 6 pm. Visitors enjoy strolling through the 100 artist studios under the 40,000 square foot exhibit tent.  Artists are on-site creating, allowing for the visitor to watch them at work, discover what inspires them and the techniques used to create the works of art.  Come to Scottsdale to see more of Stephanie’s works in person and discover the stories behind each unique work of art.


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