John Buxton, “Reunited,” oil on linen, 26 x 30 in. © Autry Museum 2017

A staple among the top fine art collectors today, “Masters of the American West” is looking to blow audiences away once more in 2017. Was that goal met? You decide.

Arguably the country’s premier Western art exhibition and sale, Masters of the American West — hosted by the delightful Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles — is in its 20th year in 2017.

Logan Maxwell Hagege, “The Heart of Everything,” oil, 68 x 54 in. © Autry Museum 2017
Logan Maxwell Hagege, “The Heart of Everything,” oil, 68 x 54 in. © Autry Museum 2017

Seventy-six nationally and internationally recognized artists are included in this year’s showcase, which features a diverse range of styles and genres, including landscape, seascape, wildlife, historical, and much more. Among the masters represented in 2017 are George Carlson, Robert Griffing, Z.S. Liang, Bonnie Marris, Kyle Polzin, Thomas Quinn, Mian Situ, Tucker Smith, Curt Walters, and Morgan Weistling.

To learn more, visit The Autry Museum of the American West.

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