Ayline Olukman, “Kissing the Sun,” 2017, oil and collage on canvas, 30 x 30 in. © Massey Lyuben Gallery 2017

I can already feel it now: the blissful warmth of the sun blankets my face on a beautiful summer day. Maybe I’m on a beach, by a pool, or simply enjoying the backyard. However you enjoy the warmer months of the year, those thoughts may surface after seeing this show.

Massey Lyuben Gallery in New York City is currently enjoying the rays of color and light via painter Ayline Olukman during “Kissing the Sun,” a solo exhibition. On view now through April 29, “Kissing the Sun” features a number of recent works by Olukman that call our attention to “a celebration and nostalgia for the ephemerality of summer — how fragile, how precious — the relationship between what we feel and the elements,” the gallery suggests. “The air glitters and time dilates, full of promise, with equal parts anticipation and languor. The sensation of water enveloping the body and the heaviness of the air slide us into a relaxed apathy, an exchange and fusion of elements sating and stoking desire at the same time.”

With a description like that, who would want to miss this show? Regardless, the pictures by Olukman are gorgeous and skillfully executed independent of the feelings or memories they might evoke. Olukman is a native of Strasbourg, France, and a graduate from L’École des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg in 2005; this will be the artist’s first exhibition with Massey Lyuben.

To learn more, visit Massey Lyuben Gallery.

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