Jeffrey Larson provides individual instruction during class. © Image courtesy Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art 2017

An artsy Midwestern city is where this outstanding new atelier received the ARC’s (Art Renewal Center) coveted stamp of approval. Who are they and where? Find out!

Located on the southern tip of Lake Superior in Minnesota, Duluth is a quaint — albeit cold —city that has a reputation for its lively arts culture, high-class cuisine, and popular ski trails, parks, and more. Duluth can now boast that it is home to an ARC Approved Atelier, an honor awarded to academic programs that center around traditional methods for teaching painting and drawing.

Headed and run by ARC Living Master Jeffrey Larson, the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art is a full-time, four-year program specifically designed for students aspiring to become professional fine artists. No doubt the academy’s new designation will make it a coveted destination for some of the nation’s top talent. Students might also be drawn to the stunning venue: a newly renovated 8,000-square-foot turn-of-the-century stone church that overlooks Superior Bay.

The ARC provides more comprehensive detail about the atelier and its founder here. To learn more, you can also visit Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art.

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