An image showing the commemorative selvage and all 12 stamps.

In celebration and commemoration of the centennial of Andrew Wyeth’s birth on July 12, 1917, the United States Postal Service will release a series of stamps embellished with some of the artist’s most iconic works. We have a preview here!

The great American realist Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) will soon be honored by the United States Postal Service with a series of 12 stamps featuring iconic works from throughout his career. Released on July 12, the stamps are a celebration of the centennial of the artist’s birth.

Stamp #1, Andrew Wyeth “Young Bull,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #2, Andrew Wyeth “Wind from the Sea,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #5, Andrew Wyeth “Spring Fed,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #6, Andrew Wyeth “Soaring,” © USPS 2017

A dedication ceremony for the Andrew Wyeth Forever stamps will be hosted at the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, on July 12. The ceremony will be attended by the artist’s son, Jamie Wyeth, U.S. Postal Service Senior Director and Chief of Staff to the Postmaster General Patrick Mendonca, and Frolic Weymouth Executive Director and CEO Virginia A. Logan.

Stamp #7, Andrew Wyeth “Sailor’s Valentine,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #8, Andrew Wyeth “North Light,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #9, Andrew Wyeth “My Studio,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #10, Andrew Wyeth “Frostbitten,” © USPS 2017

Via the USPS announcement: “This pane of 12 Forever stamps celebrates the centennial of the birth of Andrew Wyeth (July 12, 1917-Jan. 16, 2009), one of the most prominent American artists of the 20th century. Working in a realistic style that defied artistic trends, Wyeth created haunting and enigmatic paintings based largely on people and places in his life, a body of work that continues to resist easy or comfortable interpretation.

Stamp #11, Andrew Wyeth “Christina’s World,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #12, Andrew Wyeth “The Carry,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #3, Andrew Wyeth “Big Room,” © USPS 2017
Stamp #4, Andrew Wyeth “Alvaro and Christina,” © USPS 2017

“This issuance includes stamps that each feature a detail from a different Andrew Wyeth painting. The paintings are: ‘Wind from the Sea’ (1947), ‘Big Room’ (1988), ‘Christina’s World’ (1948), ‘Alvaro and Christina’ (1968), ‘Frostbitten’ (1962), ‘Sailor’s Valentine’ (1985), ‘Soaring’ (1942–1950), ‘North Light’ (1984), ‘Spring Fed’ (1967), ‘The Carry’ (2003), ‘Young Bull’ (1960), and ‘My Studio’ (1974). The selvage, or area outside of the stamp images, shows a photograph of Wyeth from the 1930s. Art director Derry Noyes of Washington, DC, designed the pane.”

To learn more, visit the USPS.

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