Joshua Cunningham, “Wild Flowers and Cloud Shadows,” 2017, oil on linen, 9 x 12 inches

Seventeen regional artists from around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, are currently showcasing a vibrant display of plein air paintings during this selling invitational. Where can it be found?

Located within a gorgeously restored stone Victorian-style home just across the street from Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center is the hidden gem of Groveland Gallery, which just last week hosted an opening reception for its first Plein Air Invitational exhibition. Featuring 10 of the gallery’s artists along with seven guest artists, the show seems to have been a natural response to the growing popularity of the gallery’s Plein Air SmackDown — a paint-out now in its seventh year in which gallery artists work on location before displaying and selling their works.

Richard Abraham, “Piers Gorge,” 2016, oil on canvas, 11 x 14 inches
Scott Lloyd Anderson, “Maple on Pleasant Avenue,” 2015, oil on panel, 31 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches
Carl Bretzke, “Brew House After Dark,” 2016, oil, 11 x 14 inches
Andy Evansen, “Cloud Shadows at Vermillion,” 2017, watercolor, 14 x 19 inches
Photo from Opening Reception at Groveland Gallery
Photo from Opening Reception at Groveland Gallery

The invitational is slated for August 5, 2017, and gallery owner and director Sally Johnson believes the exhibition will whet appetites and help build anticipation for what will surely be the SmackDown’s biggest year to date. If the July 20 opening reception was any indication, Johnson was right. The gallery was packed with artists, collectors, friends, and enthusiasts until its doors closed at 8:30 p.m. and there was much talk and excitement surrounding the upcoming paint-out.

Guest artist Dan Mondloch with Allison Eklund, president of the Outdoor Painters of Minnesota
Photo from Opening Reception at Groveland Gallery
Stuart Loughridge, “Gully, Lake Superior,” 2015, watercolor, 9 x 6 inches
Dan Mondloch, “Railyard Reflections,” 2016, watercolor, 12 x 16 inches
Neil Sherman, “Penelope’s Ride,” 2015, oil, 12 x 16 inches
Bob Upton, “Breakwater,” oil on linen, 6 x 12 inches

Gallery artists represented in the show include Richard Abraham, Kristie Bretzke, Joshua Cunningham, Robert Dorlac, Barbara McIlrath, Carl Oltvedt, and Holly Swift. Guest artists include Neil Sherman, Bob Upton, Scott Lloyd Anderson, Carl Bretzke, Andy Evansen, Aaron Jacobs, Stuart Loughridge, and Dan Mondloch.

The exhibition continues through September 1. To learn more, visit Groveland Gallery.

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