MaryBeth Karaus, “Chef’s Cutting Board,” oil, 60 x 48 inches

Artists MaryBeth Karaus and David Mueller celebrate their shared love for painting in a new exhibition this September at Eisele Gallery of Fine Art. Find out more here!

Eisele Gallery of Fine Art in Cincinnati will open “Timing Is Everything” on September 8, featuring brilliant artworks by MaryBeth Karaus and David Mueller. This moving exhibition, which continues through October 7, showcases work rendered with a mix of refinement and spontaneous brushwork that employs contemporary designs.

David Mueller, “Nurturer,” oil, 60 x 48 inches
MaryBeth Karaus, “Oh Honey,” oil, 60 x 40 inches

“As a couple we are part of the lucky few that get to speak the same professional creative language and feel the same dynamics of effort, emotional investment, and rewards in what we do,” says Mueller. Karaus adds, “David and I are both motivated by capturing and sharing the simple beauty around us. A painting can be an oasis of peace and give nourishment to the soul in an otherwise tumultuous and chaotic world.”

David Mueller, “Power of Prayer”
MaryBeth Karaus, “Brooklyn,” oil, 30 x 20 inches
David Mueller, “Late Light Grazing,” 12 x 36 inches

According to the gallery, the show’s theme, “Timing Is Everything,” touches on the trials and joys that make up the canvas of a lifetime. “Works draw on the emotions of Mueller’s recent health crisis, the loss of Karaus’ parents, and the unexpected happiness that comes with finding a partner to share it all with,” the gallery writes.

To learn more, visit Eisele Gallery of Fine Art.

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