Christopher St. Leger, “Baggy (Austin, Brazos St.),” watercolor, 33 x 52 inches

The watercolors of Christopher St. Leger follow the tradition of illustrated journals as the artist explores themes of mood, place, and impermanence. Where can you see his latest?

“My paintings grow from an exploration between mood and place,” writes Christopher St. Leger. “Each work is a delicate anchor as well as an approach, a question to spur on the thread of conversation.” Now through October 28, visitors to Gallery Shoal Creek in Austin, Texas, will have a chance to re-experience these moods and places through St. Leger’s latest body of watercolors — a tour-de-force of color, atmosphere, and skillful edge control. Indeed, “the current portfolio takes the viewer from Austin,” adds the gallery, “to places distant or remote, and back to Lockhart, Texas, where the artist lives and works.”

Christopher St. Leger, “Blood and Earth (East Village),” watercolor, 35 x 52 inches
Christopher St. Leger, “Klei (Copenhagen),” watercolor, 25 x 31 inches
Christopher St. Leger, “Lion Country (Lockhart),” watercolor 28 1/2 x 28 inches
Christopher St. Leger, “Untitled with Parapluie (Frankfurt),” watercolor, 39 x 31 inches
Christopher St. Leger, “Sister City (Ljubljana, Slovenia),” watercolor, 23 x 31 1/2 inches

Watercolors are perfectly suited for St. Leger’s creative goals as their strong atmospheric qualities help capture a sense of ephemerality or a fleeting snapshot. “He transforms these images with his loose rendering style,” his website suggests, “an attitude of experimentation which may stem from teaching himself to paint, into something perhaps personal, but also ambient and more enduring. Each painting is approached as if with a question that invokes a dialogue between the artist and his surroundings, between a cautious being and an irrational force.”

To learn more, visit Gallery Shoal Creek.

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