Charles Movalli, “Young Artists,” 36 x 36 inches

The North Shore Arts Association will soon be hosting an important selling retrospective exhibition surrounding Charles Movalli, featuring over 95 pieces of his work.

On September 17, the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester, Massachusetts, will open a selling retrospective exhibition on artist Charles Movalli. Curated by his wife and artist Dale Ratcliff Movalli, the exhibition tells a brilliant story of how Movalli relished his reputation as an avant-garde painter and man of letters.

In an article titled “Charles Movalli — A Versatile Brush,” author Judith A. Curtis suggests, “Others viewed him as a bridge between traditionalism and the modernists, not only on Cape Ann and the North Shore, but across the country, and as far afield as Europe. Charles Movalli touched the lives of everyone who knew him; through his art, his vision, his writing — he authored numerous how to art books and eighty plus articles for American Artist — not to mention his dry wit and skill as a raconteur.

“From Renaissance man to Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado, the genius that was Charles Movalli pulled inspiration seemingly from the ether, inspiring and guiding countless students through his teaching, writing, and unflagging enthusiasm. He was quick to espouse the virtues of traditional art, championed by many of the Cape Ann painters, but was quick to step outside the box — eschewing the obvious to explore the esoteric— holding as his own mentor one whom he called America’s greatest artist — architect Frank Lloyd Wright!”

The exhibition will continue through October 28 with a preview reception on September 15. To learn more, visit the North Shore Arts Association.

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