Andrew Wyeth, “Snow Hill,”

The celebration of Andrew Wyeth’s birth centennial continues across the nation, including at this well-known gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Which works can you see there?

Whether it’s the Farnsworth Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, or the United States Postal Service, 2017 has been a year full of commemorative celebrations surrounding the life and career of American icon and painter Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009). The trend is continuing, this time at American Fine Art Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona, with “100 Years of Andrew Wyeth,” which opens on November 9.

Andrew Wyeth, “The Carry,”

According to the gallery, “[the exhibition] showcases Wyeth’s sense of the human spirit and his unique perspective on the people and locations that surrounded him. The exhibition spans Wyeth’s career — from the early works reminiscent of Homer and his father N.C. Wyeth that established his reputation to two of the last pieces he would create, ‘Snow Hill’ and ‘The Crossing.’

Andrew Wyeth, “Christina’s World (drawing),”

“Wyeth hails from a family of artists, whose legends, teaching and talent extend a generation before and beyond. Andrew’s father, a renowned painter and illustrator N.C., advised him to ‘Paint the light and air around the subject — paint the mystery.’

Andrew Wyeth, “Boat 1 (unfinished),”

“Andrew did just that. The magic and mystery can be seen in every portrait and landscape the artist paints. Although the realism in Wyeth’s paintings is so astonishingly accurate in detail that the textures and expressions of the models bring his scenes and characters to life, Wyeth himself said his style was more attuned to abstract expressionism than realism. Wyeth finds freedom in the dark spaces of his works, the mystery around the subject. In his unsentimental portraits, Wyeth allows his models’ true characters to come through. He considers his portrait of Karl Kuerner, one of his models and neighbors, the ‘best portrait I ever did,’ a thought-provoking image of the stoic WWII German machine gunner. This limited-edition work is also available at the gallery.”

Andrew Wyeth, “Flourmill,”

To learn more, visit American Fine Art.

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