Mary Pettis, "Musique du Mouton," oil on linen, 30 x 40 inches

The Minneapolis Club is “thrilled and honored” to be hosting a solo exhibition of works by important painter Mary Pettis. Details here.

Now through November 30, Minneapolis, Minnesota, has a new attraction: a solo exhibition of gorgeous landscapes by accomplished painter Mary Pettis. Hosted by the Minneapolis Club, the exhibition consists of a handful of Pettis’ recent works, including several from her recent project with the Minnesota Orchestra in which the artist created a series of special paintings in connection with the performance of Claude Debussy’s “Images for Orchestra.”

“When I paint I truly feel, in the present moment, the great relations among all things,” remarked Pettis. “Every subject becomes a metaphor for something deeper and more intangible. I hope that those who view my work, whether briefly or for decades, will feel these sentiments. My inspiration is the hope I hold that my work will help spread peace, contemplation, tranquility, and joy.”

Recently, Pettis was designated as an ARC Living Master by the Art Renewal Center. In September 2017, Mary travelled to Barcelona, Spain to receive multiple awards in Art Renewal Center’s 12th Annual International ARC Salon. Her 3rd place winner, “Minnehaha Falls in Winter,” will be exhibited with other award winners in the live exhibition at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) through the end of November.

To learn more, visit The Minneapolis Club.

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