Featured Artwork: Christine Drewyer
“Morning Minuet”
24 x 20 in.
Available through RS Hanna Gallery

It may be an extraordinary sky, a fog-filled meadow or some ancient tree, which calls artist Christine Drewyer to paint.

“I am very attracted to a sense of drama,” explains Christine. “I’ve been known to stop and just stand before a tree as if it were the Taj Mahal, feeling a profound sense of wonder and even reverence. There needs to be a connection before I paint something, and I especially love painting at dusk and dawn, when there is an ethereal quality to the light, a veiled sense of wonder and mystery.”

Christine paints what she refers to as “the universal landscape,” – those rare places that anyone could gaze upon and find beauty, whether it’s a mountain scene, an ocean, or the plains. She travels extensively and has found beauty all over the world to paint. She works exclusively in oil. Most of her paintings begin as a plein air sketch or study, which she translates into a more developed painting in her studio in Annapolis, Maryland.

“The earth is something we all share. I am quite particular about painting the natural world. I tend to not include buildings or people or anything man-made. I even resist the urge to include a fence or a path. I feel the landscape is one of the true common denominators we all share, and I try to paint the purity of it as a means to unite, rather than divide, us. I adore animals as well, and have no problem in wanting them in my landscapes, as we share this planet with them, and I revere them for their wildness and presence here.

“With my landscapes, I hope to convey a sense of timelessness, this feeling of solidity and endurance and natural beauty. Beauty is a rare and multifaceted thing. It can be a shadow, or a sunbeam, a mother doe with her fawn, the grandeur of a sunset, or the promise of a new day. I find it in the turn of a wave ready to spill onto the shore in a never-ending progression of tides that we are all anchored to in this brilliant Universe that we share. The sacredness of the trees and the natural world and the gift we are offered each day to behold – I want to make work that reminds us that, there by the grace of God, go we.”

National Art Publications:
2016 Art of the West, “Mother Nature’s magic” by Vicki Stavig
2015 What’s Up, Magazine Cover & Feature “Inside the Artist’s Studio” by Kathi Ferguson
American Art Collector:
2014 “Love of the land” ~ Artists Focus
2013 OPA Editorial
2013 Rich Timmons Gallery ~ Artists Focus
2011 “A Visual Experience” by Michelle Borgwardt
2010 “Revering Nature” by Josh Rose

Fine Art Group Memberships:
Women Artists of the West Master, Signature Member, Emeritus Member
American Women Artists, Signature Member
National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society & Washington Society of Landscape Painters, Signature Member

Christine’s work has been selected for many museum exhibitions around the country with nationally acclaimed organizations. The artist says, “I like to believe that my BEST work is still ahead of me, I feel blessed to have found my passion and sincerely hope that I can continue to do this forever!”

To see more of Christine’s work at http://christinedrewyer.com/


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