Michael Workman, “...And Come Home in the Evening...2,” oil, 27 x 48 inches

As one of the major New American Tonalist painters, this artist’s use of color, texture, and light creates a harmonious balance between realistic and abstract interpretations of the landscape. This painter is following in the footsteps of the great George Inness, and viewers will surely want to see this solo exhibition.

Opening with a reception on January 6 will be a must-see exhibition of new works by master painter Michael Workman. It’s on view through January 27 at Gallery 1261 in Denver, and viewers will be treated to 13 of the artist’s recent pictures with landscape subjects that include mountains, deserts, barns, and urban sprawl. A few of the paintings even drift into the portraiture category, offering sensitive and individualistic renderings of cattle.

Michael Workman, “…And Come Home in the Evening…1,” oil, 33 x 33 inches
Michael Workman, “Helper, August,” oil, 35 1/2 x 35 1/2 inches
Michael Workman, “Saguaro,” oil, 32 x 32 inches

“To view artist Michael Workman’s paintings is to spend a quiet moment in a serene locale, where life’s rough edges are somehow absorbed,” writes David Ericson Fine Art. “Workman’s rural landscapes are subtle yet powerful, evoking strong emotions in those who experience their silent wonder. Whether it is a silvery evening slipping soundlessly into the dusk or a bashful sun, tentatively extending its rays across a vast green pasture awake but still yawning, Workman’s tonal paintings create a mood that is both mysterious and compelling, yet never disquieting. His color, texture, and light are soft and harmonious, creating a dreamy effect.”

To learn more, visit Gallery 1261.

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