Metropolitan Museum of Art

Beginning March 1, 2018, The Metropolitan Museum of Art will update its admissions policy. Keep reading to see if and how it affects you.

“With this update, our pay-as-you-wish policy will continue for New York State residents and students from across the tri-state region, while visitors from outside New York will be required to pay mandatory admissions; admission for children under 12 will remain free. The Museum will also now honor full-priced admissions tickets for three consecutive days, giving all visitors more time to experience each of The Met’s three locations.

“As we studied how best to update our policy, we were mindful that the Museum was founded in the 19th century primarily as an educational entity intended to teach and uplift the diverse populations of New York City. We are still a vital community resource, and each year our educators reach more than 200,000 students. We take enormous pride in our leadership role within the city’s cultural landscape, and we are committed to remaining a welcoming place for all the constituent communities of New York.”

Visit to read the full press release, including reactions from the community.

What do you think about the change? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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  1. I think this totally sucks! The met was always know as one of the most Democratic institutions in this country to to its Pay as you can, donation admission policy, (like the museums in Wash. D.C). – It has been known as the “peoples museum” and more importantly “The Artists Museum” as artist, who need to see master artworks firsthand could go repeatedly to study the great works with out having to forfeit a meal, especially if they are coming from out of town where expense is already an exorbitant issue. This is a terrible shame and the museum should reconsider this in name of Arts Sake and future artist!
    ART is for EVERYONE!!! Not just N.Y residents, (of which I was for many years), not just students – the Met is a leader on both the National and international stage – What you are proposing is to denigrate it to just another corporate enterprise like a cultural Disney Land – ART is for EVERYONE!!! And should be freely accessible to all!
    Art should not be just for the elite that can afford to see it – it benefits society as a whole and what you propose to do is as bad a policy for the american people and the general populace of the planet as many devastating actions of the current political administration!

  2. ;D I love that kids under 12 will still be free and allowing visitors to the area to thorughly absorb The Met over three days instead of rushing through in one is superb. As a avid museum attendee I find it a hindrance to the study and enjoyment of a facility if you have pay every time you cross it’s threshold…Thank you Jessica M.

  3. As a NYS resident, I guess this doesn’t change my situation. I must say that I always thought, “NYC residents don’t pay much to get to the Met and can go whenever they wish. They could pay a little admission. I traveled 300 miles to get to the Met, paid expensive hotel and restaurant rates, and was usually hard put to spend a full day. I didn’t mind contributing, but felt less obligated than the “locals.”

  4. As an out-of-town member, I’m not affected, but I strongly disapprove. As others have pointed out, a trip into the city can be a considerable expense without the full ($25) admission fee. I love the museum, but feel that the public is being forced top pay for administrative folly.


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