acrylic paintings
Lucinda Parker, “Cliff & Trickle,” 2018 acrylic on canvas, 78.50 x 60 in.

A fine art exhibition announcement from Russo Lee Gallery:

Following her 2018 completion of two major paintings commissioned for the new Broadway Tower in downtown Portland, Lucinda Parker presents “Snow and Ice: Coin of the Realm” (through March 2). Guiding this body of the work is Parker’s question, “What is of the most value in the Northwest?”

She concludes that it is snow and ice, which changes its own shape, and that of the land it touches, as it provides pristine water in an increasingly limited supply. Parker’s latest images continue to explore the Northwest’s mountainous landscapes and what shapes them. She builds energetic forms in a thousand shades of white, combined with exuberant color, from small, intimate gouaches to large-scale works on canvas. This exhibition coincides with a retrospective at the Hallie Ford Museum of art in Salem, OR, titled “Force Fields,” and the publication of a monograph by Roger Hull of the same title.

Mixed media art
Amory Abbott, “Love Without Hope VIII,” 2018, charcoal and soft pastel on paper, 27.5 x 19.5 in. framed

Also at Russo Lee Gallery: Amory Abbott

The term Anthelion means “opposite the sun.” The so-named series in this show explores ideas that are “opposite” of the sun — darkness, fire, apocalypse, and the unknown, coalescing into a foretelling of a darkened future. In the series “Love Without Hope,” the artist considers increasingly common wildfires as they relate to climate change, pollution, industry, and land use, finding beauty and evolving realities. All works are charcoal and pastel chalk on paper and look at a potential near-future world, where the sun cannot be seen. Amory Abbott’s art practice reinterprets the romanticized sentiment of spirituality in nature by visualizing darkness and cataclysm in landscapes on the brink of transformation.

Digital art
Manu Torres, Untitled, 2018, digital pigment print 15 x 12 in. framed, 1/1 with 1 AP

The Office: Manu Torres
For 2018–2019, we have resumed our exhibition program in “The Office,” in which we are presenting works by invited, unrepresented artists in the region. The upcoming series of shows will each run for two months, and is curated by Disjecta Director Blake Shell. Running through February, Manu Torres presents a floral arrangement installation and other photographic and mixed-media works that document past arrangements.

“Snow and Ice: Coin of the Realm,” “Anthelion,” and “The Office” are on view through March 2 at Russo Lee Gallery (Portland, OR). For more information, please visit

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