Contemporary oil paintings -
Scott Tallman Powers, “Ajo y Cebollas,” oil, 24 x 30 in., $8,500 "The streets are filled with vendors. I came across this woman carefully arranging her garlic and onions for the market."

Settlers West is most pleased to announce the fine art exhibition “Scott Tallman Powers: Las Vidas.”

From the gallery:
The artist’s fourth one-man-show is a collection of 20 new works following Scott’s journey into the rural corners of Mexico, where he gives evidence of the everyday joys and struggles of people caught up in a rapidly changing world. Scott explores their lives with compassion, apparent in each image he paints.

Contemporary oil paintings -
Scott Tallman Powers, “Sisters,” oil, 12 x 12 in., $3,000
“Families are at the heart of all the markets throughout Mexico. Working together, they help load, haul, and set up the booth for their day of selling.”

About the Artist (information from
Scott Tallman Powers was born in 1972 in Birmingham, Alabama. Scott began drawing as a child with his father, who was a medical illustrator, photographer, and fine artist. While watching and learning from him, his love of art began.

Scott’s education began in high school with two extremely influential and supportive art instructors. This led to four years of intensive study at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. There he trained under many important instructors in the fields of oil painting, watercolor, drawing, anatomy, and sculpture. After his time at the Academy, Scott spent many years as an illustrator in a Chicago ad agency before pursuing his dream as a full-time fine artist. Scott is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America and is the founder of the Plein Air Painters of Chicago group.

Contemporary oil paintings -
Scott Tallman Powers, “La Bailarina,” oil, 12 x 12 in., $3,000
“This woman was one of ten dancers draped in traditional dresses who brought the town center to life. They danced with their male partners, who dressed in all white, with red scarves and cowboy hats.”

Scott gets a lot of his inspiration from many different cultures from all over the world, including our own. The human element is at the core of his journey. The people, places, and experiences have sown their way into Scott’s inspirations for many years, giving him a better understanding of the world we live in. He has traveled extensively to many countries to find the inspiration he thrives on and searches to find the balance between cultures. Scott’s goal is to express the stories and experiences as honestly, sensitively, and with as much integrity as he can. This is a passion which is growing day by day and mile by mile.

Contemporary oil paintings -
Scott Tallman Powers, “Jewels of the Auction,” oil, 24 x 36 in., $11,500
“I was in the town of Tlacolula, Mexico, for the Sunday market when locals told me about an animal auction just outside of town. Upon hearing this, I jumped into the back of a small pickup jammed with farmers and headed over to the sale. I was amazed by the number of cows, horses, and burros waiting for their time on the auction block. As the dust swirled, the local people bought and sold animals that are vital to their livelihoods.”

Scott has works in many private collections in the United States and around the world, along with having paintings in three museums: the Wengyuan Museum of Fine Art and the Shaoguan Museum of Fine Art in the Guandong province of China, and the Academy Museum in Easton, Maryland.

Contemporary oil paintings -
Scott Tallman Powers, “Daily Prayers,” oil, 14 x 20 in., $4,500
“In the center of Oaxaca, the arrivals and departures through the doors of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption are nearly constant. The devoted take the time to pray and give thanks before continuing on with their day.”

Scott has received many awards from the Oil Painters of America as well as many other national shows and has participated in many prestigious invitational exhibitions in the United States, China, Israel, and Europe. Scott’s work has appeared in many publications, including American Artist, Art of the West, and Western Art and Architecture, with features in American Artist Workshop, Southwest Art, and Western Art Collector.

Contemporary oil paintings -
Scott Tallman Powers, “Spoon Man,” oil, 8 x 12 in., $2,750
“As I roamed through the winding streets of Oaxaca, I came upon this man playing a guitar. He was good. His guitar had been around for many miles and many songs. He strummed using a plastic spoon for a pick, which may explain the unique sound he captured.”

“Scott Tallman Powers: Las Vidas” is on view at Settlers West Galleries (Tucson, Arizona) through April 1, 2019.

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