Visit France with Fine Art Connoisseur
Join us October 11-19, 2019 for an unforgettable trip to France.

Dear Friends,

At the age of 19, I made my first trip to Europe. I took two weeks off my job, met my folks, and traveled through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Some of the cities we visited I’ve never been back to, and I’ve since found out that we missed some great sites I hope to see someday.

The problem with “self-guided” travel is that we can buy all the guidebooks, research everything to death, and still miss the best treasures, even when we hire professionals to help. Especially because some of the art world’s finest treasures are not open to the public.

Not only that, but a typical day of touring on your own is to do one or two things, wander around and hope you stumble into some interesting things from a guidebook, and then go to dinner. Though that makes a great vacation, it may not be the best way to see art treasures. Plus, you’re not seeing those hidden treasures.

When you go on a trip with Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, we fill most of your day with rich art treasures, many of which you’ll never find in guidebooks, and some that even paid guides are unaware of. In fact, over the past nine years of trips, every year the guides we employ have said something like . . .

“I’ve lived and guided here for decades and was never aware of this place.”

Or they will say, “No one gets access to this. How did you do it?”

Not only will we pack your days with art treasures, we will prepare you in advance so you’ll understand things fully when you see them.

We often visit private homes that have collections that rival those of top museums. And we’ll give you access to places others simply can’t get access to.

The Sweet Spot

There is a sweet spot when doing this kind of European travel. If you go with a big group, you can get lost in a crowd, and larger groups cannot go to small, intimate places, like private collections in private homes. Plus it’s hard to get to know people.

Yet if you do it on your own, or with another couple, you’ll miss a lot of rich, enlightening experiences.

Our group size is big enough to give us access to some special treasures, but not so big that we’re locked out of the best places.

Fine Art Connoisseur magazine’s annual trip not only opens doors through our deep worldwide contacts, we also help you see the world with new friends who share your passion for art. Typically, 60 percent come back year after year, and some will be on their 10th annual trip this year.

We provide the expertise and we plan every part of your trip, so you don’t have to think about it — you just show up, and we’ll give you an experience that would be impossible to create or duplicate on your own. An experience so rich, it will give you a lifetime of memories and stories.

This fall we’re going to show you the South of France and Provence like you’ve never seen them before. This trip is rich with art treasures. We guarantee a life-changing experience.

Our group size is intimate, so we have only a handful of seats left for this year’s trip (and our post-trip for those who wish to go on to tour Edinburgh’s art from behind the scenes.)

If you think you might be the least bit interested, it’s best to inquire before the busy summer hits, so you can plan your fall tour with us. You’ll have a rich, art-filled experience like nothing you’ve experienced in your lifetime.

Visit France with Fine Art ConnoisseurTo learn more, visit, or to speak with someone in more detail about the trip, contact:

Gabriel Haigazian, [email protected], 818.444.2700
Howard Wise, [email protected], 818.444.2710

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