Realism Today

Announcing “Realism Today,” a new way to celebrate the art and artists of contemporary realism.

Thousands of American artists have been trained in traditional methods, and many are running their own ateliers, which now number well over a hundred nationally. Though most college art departments still teach “do what you feel,” the smarter deans realize that the ateliers can no longer be ignored and thus are creating tradition-minded courses in order to compete.

“A Lakeside Mile,” work in progress by Casey Baugh (on the faculty for the 3rd Annual Figurative Art Convention & Expo)

The launch of Realism Today is particularly significant because it offers yet another outlet of information and ideas for this booming field. I often wonder why so many (smart) art lovers have not yet seen the contemporary realism we celebrate. It’s possible they don’t know these realists exist, or maybe they can’t understand why an artist would not automatically do something “new.”

Everyone who reads this has a key role to play in sharing the excellence of contemporary realism with others, and so we invite you to not only enjoy the content we bring you by signing up for the Realism Today newsletter, but to also become an Ambassador so that we can continue to push this art movement forward. To do this, please forward this newsletter to a friend and invite them to subscribe and share our stories on social media and through email. We’ll even say thanks by giving you the opportunity to have your art featured when five of your friends subscribe to Realism Today.

We enthusiastically salute those who acquire outstanding contemporary realist artworks, and we extend our applause to the artists who created them and to the dealers who sold them.

Congratulations, thank you, and keep up the good work.
~ Eric Rhoads, Publisher


  1. It’s very exciting to see a global growing interest in contemporary realism. As a realist painter working in Australia I have been to the US and France to attend workshops and am about to attend another one in Spain to continue to grow my knowledge and skills. I applaud Realism Today for playing a significant role in promoting and connecting realist artists around the world.


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