Auguste Renoir, “View of la Seyne, Provence”
Auguste Renoir, “View of la Seyne, Provence”

By Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur

“I’ve been here before. I had no idea it would be so different.”

These words are often heard on our annual Fine Art Trip. Because we’ve gone to some places in Europe that many have visited on their own, there is often reluctance to go back.

We always remind them that when you travel with Fine Art Connoisseur, you’re seeing the area and the art with fresh eyes and a new perspective, because we provide commentary and experts at every turn. And we provide experiences others simply cannot.

For instance…

I’d been to the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, battling the lines and crowds and seeing it all with no lights. With Fine Art Connoisseur, we had rare PRIVATE access with a small group, no crowds, an hour on our own, and the lights on.

I’d seen Prague several times before and was not sure there was more to see, but I went along anyway, and I’m glad I did. We were the last in the world to see Alphonse Mucha’s giant Slav Epic paintings before they were confiscated and placed in a warehouse, and it is uncertain when, if ever, they will be seen again.

Then we went to the private home of the artist’s daughter-in-law and saw Mucha’s private family collection of paintings. We were only able to arrange it because of our connections in the art world. Even our tour guides, who had lived there for decades, said these were two of the most special things they have experienced in a lifetime and they had not even been aware these things were in Prague.

Fine Art Trip France 2019
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I’d been to Russia and the Hermitage, but I battled the crowds and the lack of air conditioning. But twice we were able to have the entire Hermitage museum to ourselves, just our group after the museum was closed, and we had a well-known curator walk us through while telling the stories of paintings.

I could go on, with stories of private parties in places others simply cannot access. Private collections, homes, studios of artists, and so much more.

Roger Rossi, art enthusiast
Roger Rossi

Guest Roger Rossi, who has been on each of our last nine trips, had this to say . . .

“It’s hard to explain the Fine Art Connoisseur trips to those who have never experienced at least one of these events. I’ve traveled to Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Nice, and Provence . . . Why would I want to go back again and waste my final savings to see once more what I have already absorbed into my memories?

“It is because when I travel with Fine Art Connoisseur, I see and learn things I was never exposed to, and I meet the top experts and am given access to places I could have never discovered on my own. Plus, I do not want to stay at home thinking of all the family we have cultivated since 2010, who are there together and I am not with them. Why would I do that to myself?

“Life has to go on, and we must live it to the fullest.”

Every year we’ve heard these words . . .

“I’m so glad I came. I almost didn’t come because I’ve been here before. I saw things I never would have seen, experienced things I never would have experienced, and I grew close to others on the trip, who enriched my life.”

Your Invitation to Join a Spectacular 10th-Anniversary Trip

We could have gone anywhere in the world to see art “behind the scenes,” and we selected the South of France and Provence because we have not traveled there before, because we have deep connections in the area, allowing us special access to some amazing experiences, and because everyone loves Van Gogh, Cezanne, Renoir, Pissarro. Plus, the area is magical and was painted by Monet, Chagall, and Picasso.

This trip, our 10th, will be enhanced by access to special places, special experts, and legendary lectures by Editor-in-Chief Peter Trippi.

“This is, by far, the best way to see the art world” — Roger Rossi

We will tour the villages, the art, the spectacular cathedrals, the art studios, and the places that will make famous paintings come alive. Plus, we have planned several special private events to make our 10th annual trip magical.

And as an optional post-trip, we’ll travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, for an amazing Scottish art adventure. You’ll want to do both.

Limited Attendance Because It’s Our 10th-Year Celebration

We keep our trips small because we want our guests to develop deep friendships, and because large groups cannot access some of the private places we take our guests. This is a way to see the art world from behind the scenes.

Because it’s our 10th, we have only a few remaining slots available. Most of our previous guests are returning to celebrate our anniversary — only a few could not attend because of previous commitments. And many who have been gone awhile are returning for this trip. Yet there are also a couple of new people, and you’ll feel right at home joining us for the art trip of a lifetime.

Fine Art Connoisseur Fine Art Trip to the South of France and Provence: October 11–19, 2019
Optional Post-Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland: October 19–23, 2019
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