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By Eric Rhoads

Others don’t understand you and me.

When you and I talk about art, the eyes of non-art lovers glaze over. If we try to slip into a museum with friends, they resist and would rather go shopping.

Let’s face it, not everyone has a love affair with art.

If you’re the kind of person who eats and sleeps art, who is continually looking at art books and studying paintings, and who is more obsessed about it than most of your friends, then this brief note might be for you.

My Mistress

My name is Eric Rhoads. I’m the publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur and PleinAir magazines, and I too am obsessed with art. My wife would tell you that art is my mistress. Like you, I spend all my spare time reading about art and studying paintings.

Sharing Our Professional Experiences

People used to marvel when I would share stories about the doors that would open up as a result of my involvement with the magazine. Because of this, 10 years ago our editor, Peter Trippi, and I decided it would be nice to share these kinds of experiences with a small, select group of people.

Exceeding Major Museums

We invented an art experience that is simply like no other. Frankly, I’ve been told that even the art experiences put on by major museums don’t match the experiences we’ve created. Our goal is to give the same kind of access we receive — a trip for people who absolutely love art, who don’t mind looking at art most of the day for a week or more and still can’t get enough.

caption: You’ll see actual places Van Gogh and others painted on our special VIP behind-the-scenes art trip this October.

We strive to give you access to the greatest art experiences, take you behind the scenes at museums, and bring art historians or curators to you, so you receive a full understanding of what you see.

Deep Exclusivity

If you’re the kind of person who craves premium experiences in the finest hotels and the best restaurants, and access to experts and experiences few others in the world will ever have access to, this is an experience you will treasure.

Deeper Friendships

And if you love to make friends who have art in common, who share your passion and your level of exclusivity, you’ll make lifelong friendships from this trip. We’ve become a family, and, though most return when they can, when someone new joins in, they are instantly embraced.

Private Access

In the past nine years we’ve given a very small number of people the experience of a lifetime. Most come back year after year, and if they don’t, it’s usually because of a wedding or other family commitments. We’ve had amazing experiences, including access to art that was only available for viewing by the elite class, hidden away in museums; access to the studios and homes of deceased artists that were not open to the public, only possible because of our relationships; unheard of private access to avoid crowds at places like the Sistine Chapel, the Hermitage Museum in Russia, and the private access-only areas of the Van Gogh Museum; a private viewing of The Last Supper; and dozens more.

Very Rare Opportunity

What I’m about to tell you is a very rare opportunity. This trip is available to only about 48 people because we have to keep this group under 50 to allow access into some of the small collections and experiences we plan to visit. Forty-two of the seats are already booked, so only six remain. Because this is our 10th-anniversary trip, where we are “pulling out all the stops,” some people are trying to rearrange schedules to be a part of this experience, so I suspect these remaining seats could be gone before summer is over, or sooner.

Been There, Done That … Not

In the past some of our guests almost did not come because they had already visited some of the areas we were visiting and seen the museums. Yet every year we hear our guests tell us the trip was a totally different and unique experience, and one they could never have done on their own or even with paid guides. In fact, one guide who had been working in an area for 30 years was surprised to learn of a place we visited in her town that she had never been aware existed. This is all because of the power of deep connections and friendships that allow us to open doors. So if you’ve been to Provence and the South of France, don’t let that stop you from returning. This will be entirely different.

Something to Look Forward to This Fall

On October 11, our group will meet up in the South of France and we will tour the treasures of this beautiful area, which is rich with amazing art experiences. Of course the area was frequented by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Chagall, and Gauguin, so if you love the Impressionists, this is an amazing trip. But the area offers a huge variety of other art treasures and experiences that we will visit. And even if you’ve seen these beautiful areas before, this experience promises to be different from what you’ve experienced before, and fall is an amazing time, when tourism is slim and colors are brilliant.

Whether you’ve traveled with this small group before or this is your first big adventure with us, you’re in for a spectacular time.

Watch this video:

Above: Publisher Eric Rhoads and Editor Peter Trippi have a casual porch talk about the upcoming Fine Art Trip.

With October just around the corner, we’ll need you to reserve your seats now so that airfare can be secured. We highly recommend you do it this week.

To learn more, visit

Or phone our travel partners to hold a seat immediately. They can be reached at:

Gabriel Haigazian, [email protected], 818.444.2700
Howard Wise, [email protected], 818.444.2710

We’re looking forward to seeing you in France this October.

PS: Because this is our 10th year and because of such high interest in the art of the South of France, and because of the beauty in the fall, this will be one of our most spectacular trips yet. But we can only take 48 people, and there are 6 seats left. Whether you’re a couple or a single or you want to bring some friends, prepare for some incredible art experiences and lifetime memories. And give yourself a break, get away from the stress and business of life … you deserve it.


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