Villa Bardini: Corpo a Corpo
Artwork by Alessandro Sicioldr

In “Corpo a Corpo,” 35 contemporary figurative artists from 12 countries present their works inspired by the classical tradition of the Great Masters of the past. This initiative, promoted by the Fondazione CR Firenze and the Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini e Peyron, will be on view at Villa Bardini through January 12, 2020, in Florence, Italy.

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The exhibition is curated by Daniela Astone and Gaia Grazioli and coordinated by professor Carlo Sisi, chairman of the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Florence and is accompanied by a catalog (Polistampa, 106 pages), which makes use of the scientific contribution of professor Giovanna Uzzani.

The expression “corpo a corpo” indicates a close-range hand-to-hand combat. Metaphorically speaking, it is an action that synthesizes man’s daily struggle with himself in confronting life in all its complexity, and in this sense it appears both violent and poetic.

“Corpo a corpo” also represents the felicitous union between a technical gesture and the representation of a form that urges the artist to embark on an endless journey of personal exploration, always aimed at achieving excellence.

Villa Bardini: Corpo a Corpo
By Teresa Oaxaca

The 35 protagonists of this exhibition are no exception and tell us through their drawings, paintings, and sculptures their “body to body.” They draw inspiration from the great masters of the past, dedicated to an uncompromising practice, at the service of each one’s own reflection and creative autonomy.

This anthology of personality communicates with each other and with the public through a common language that has no boundaries or barriers, being the universal one of figuration. Some of the artists present in the exhibition are self-taught, and many have attended private academies or ateliers.

Villa Bardini: Corpo a Corpo
By Kate Leman

Today there are several academies located all over the world entirely devoted to the practice and study from life: from the United States to Russia, from China to old Europe, all the threads seem to intertwine in Florence. For almost 30 years, Florence has been recognized as a center of excellence for figurative arts training. Indeed, the city is home to countless academies, schools, and ateliers frequented by artists from all over the globe who come to develop classical painting and sculpture technical skills.

Villa Bardini: Corpo a Corpo
By Ben Fenske

The 35 works on view include drawings, paintings, and sculptures by artists hailing from 12 countries: Australia, China, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Villa Bardini: Corpo a Corpo
By Eudald de Juana

Thus, “Corpo a Corpo” promises to present visitors with a selection of high-quality works that represent the figurative arts field, a prime example of which is Italy’s acclaimed artist Pietro Annigoni, whose permanent museum can be also found within Villa Bardini’s halls.

Luigi Salvadori, president of the Fondazione CR Firenze stated, “We are thrilled to host the upcoming exhibition ‘Corpo a Corpo,’ which offers us the opportunity to spotlight Florence’s international side.” He added, “The exhibition represents the city’s openness to the world, a value that Fondazione CR Firenze believes is important to communicate.”

Jacopo Speranza, president of the Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini e Peyron added, “Villa Bardini welcomes the upcoming exhibition with great satisfaction. It is only natural that the home of the Annigoni Museum pay homage to classical arts through ‘Corpo a Corpo.’ We are proud of this new initiative, which affirms Villa Bardini’s commitment to offering visitors internationally relevant experiences.”

The works in this exhibition are intended to emphasize that figuration coexists with the contemporary, that the styles and techniques of tradition relived with the experimental sensibility of our time are able to describe unconventional feelings and imaginations but share in the certainties and worries of the world in the making. On the occasion of the exhibition there will be a series of events with free admission, by reservation (tel 055 20066233 – [email protected]), organized by Daniela Astone, whose aim is to introduce the various methods of dealing with drawing and painting from life.
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