Art books - Paul Schulenburg Oil Paintings -
Paul Schulenburg, "A Sun Break," oil on canvas, 40 x 30, framed 43 x 33, $7,700

Fine Art Books Hot Off the Press: For your collection, there’s a new art book available titled “Paul Schulenburg: Oil Paintings” (available through Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA).

Leading New England artist Paul Schulenburg, widely praised for his captivating images of the working waterfront, addresses a range of subject matter, from the intimacy of bedrooms to the drama of city streets. His figurative work digs below the surface to manifest personalities and emotions.

Art books - Paul Schulenburg Oil Paintings -
Paul Schulenburg, “Time Off,” oil on canvas | 26 x 40, framed 29 x 43, $7,000

From the publisher:

With light and shadow, color and composition, Paul Schulenburg creates atmospheric moments — invitations to the viewer to complete the narrative.

While residing on Cape Cod, long a home or destination for generations of artists, Schulenburg’s work is also informed and inspired by travels afar including to the American Southwest, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and France. “A Room in France” shows a bedroom with a door open to the outside. Dappled light filters through the door striking a delicate chair on which hangs a towel. Warm and cool light balance each other, while the chair, towel, and open door add to the unsettled mystery of the setting.

Schulenburg’s pictorial sensibility influences his New York City scenes in a different manner, capturing the sensation of being in a big city. Amid the hard-lined architecture, he plays with raking light or gray days, occasionally introducing a figurative element. In contrast to the frantic pace of the city, Schulenburg’s streets are alive yet remain motionless, frozen in time.

Paul Schulenburg observes and interprets the world around him. Like the shoreline, life is ever-changing and ephemeral. In the tradition of Charles Hawthorne, Rockwell Kent, Edward Hopper, and countless other artists working through the ages, Schulenburg’s paintings record, interpret, and reveal the way we live today for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

Art books - Paul Schulenburg Oil Paintings -
Paul Schulenburg, “Sanctuary,” oil on canvas, 30 x 40, framed 32.5 x 42.5, $7,000

To see the available works, please visit
To see videos of Paul at work in his studio and exploring the towns and shores of Cape Cod, click here.

Paul Schulenburg Oil Paintings -
Paul Schulenburg, “Sun Streaks at Low Tide,” oil on canvas, 22 x 28

What others say about “Paul Schulenburg: Oil Paintings

“This volume confirms why and how Paul Schulenburg has earned his place in the continuum of great American painting. The beauty and insightfulness of his New England and New York scenes reveal how closely he observes these places and their residents, yet never does his art feel localized or story-driven. Instead, Schulenburg’s skills in composing and use of values enable the paintings to transcend the here-and-now, to become universal. Achieving this means imbuing his images with a subtle monumentality and even melancholy, without calling our attention to either. Thus, no matter how sunny his weather may be, we sense a soulfulness that makes us stop and look again. In this breathless age of throwaway imagery, it is both a relief and a privilege to stop and look again with Paul Schulenburg.” —Peter Trippi, Editor-in-Chief, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, New York

“Paul Schulenburg is an American artist of the first order, who carries the standards and tradition of Edward Hopper and our finest provocative plein air painters into a modern world. He has the ability to make the commonplace extraordinary, and is equally at home in the unique light of Cape Cod, or the nuance of a New York City streetscape.” —Nicholas Dawes, Chairman and CEO, Salmagundi Club, New York

“Paul Schulenburg is one of those rare painters who can capture not just what something looks like but what it feels like…That alone makes his work a treasure.” —Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm

Paul Schulenburg Oil Paintings -
Paul Schulenburg, “Sunrise in Brooklyn,” oil on canvas, 36 x 36, framed 37 x 37, $6,900

To purchase your copy, please visit Addison Art Gallery.

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