California Art Club paintings
Robert Porter, "Will lunch ever be the same?" 12x16, Oil

“Our World Re-Imagined” is the Northern California Chapter’s first virtual exhibition with the California Art Club (CAC). This exhibition’s theme is to inspire our artists to visually interpret their perception of our changed world during Covid-19. The show is a diverse snapshot into each artist’s state of mind and visual interpretations during this time. These images range from hopeful beautiful landscapes and past times of busy urban life to desolate rural buildings, vacant urban establishments, and isolated people.

Visit through August 14, 2020 to view the works.

California Art Club paintings
Mark Farina, “Underexposed,” 12×16, Oil

Organizers: Ellen Howard, Paul Kratter Co-chairs SF Chapter
CAC Exhibitions Manager: Addy Stupin
Judges: William Davidson & Kim Lordier
President: Peter Adams, Executive Director: Elaine Adams: California Art Club

California Art Club paintings
David Casterson, “Fort,” 12×12, Oil

Carolyn Lord points out, “I reimagine our world where the use of fossil fuels is considered archaic, the environment is restored, and the infrastructure left behind become artifacts of the Anthropocene epoch. I painted “Abandoned Gas Station” in Livermore, CA, as if it were made of white marble, bathed in ethereal light. The columns are not Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian; there is neither entablature nor pediment; it is mid-20th century Googie!”

California Art Club paintings
Carolyn Lord, “Abandoned Gas Station,” 11×14, Oil

Almeida Deladier’s says his painting “Meta Rembrandt” is from a series of paintings depicting museum visitors’ tendency to take a photo of famous artwork to document their visit, thereby reducing Rembrandt’s work into a tiny snapshot. People miss experiencing the beauty of the artwork as it was originally intended and created.

California Art Club paintings
Deladier Almeida, “Meta Rembrandt,” 18×24, Oil

Richard Lindenberg choose to paint one of his favorite areas along the Sonoma Coast escaping the hot frustrating days indoors during sheltering in place, titled “Carmet Cliffs.”

California Art Club paintings
Richard Lindenberg, “Carmet Cliff,” 9×12, Oil

Robert Porter’s painting “Will lunch ever be the same” (below) and Gil Sambrano’s painting “Station Number 5” (shown at top) contrasts two scenes. Painted just prior to the pandemic hit, a group lunch stands in stark contrast to the social distancing in Gil’s painting of the lone lifeguard station on the beach.

California Art Club paintings
Gil Sambrano, “Station Number 5”, 12×16, Acrylic

Juror of Awards: Bill Davidson, Artist Member, and Kim Lordier, Signature Member

CAC “Our World Re-Imagined” Awards:

First Place: Deladier Almeida “Meta Rembrandt”, 24×18, Oil $500 cash award
Second Place: David Casterson “Fort”, 12×12, Oil $250 cash award
Third Place: Richard Lindenberg “Carmet Cliff”, 9×12, Oil $125 cash award
Honorable Mention: Ni Zhu “Caltrain 3:37”, 8×10, Oil $50 cash award

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