Pearl by Heather Brunetti
Oil on Canvas
40 x 30 in.
Available through Artsy

Heather Brunetti (b.1978) is an American contemporary realist artist best known for her dark moody narratives from all walks of life. The oil paintings are rendered in a photorealistic style while showing emotion and depth. Her paintings invite the viewer to ponder sometimes reflecting a hint of satire. Brunetti’s portraits often contain effects of depth and perspective giving them a feeling of occupying true space. Paying close attention to detail and painting textiles with high realism her paintings are a playground for the eye. In one of Brunetti’s most recent series she explores the natural light and vast spaces of a Victorian mansion as a setting for subjects. She is a self taught artist who has dedicated focused study and many creative practices, from clothing design and pattern making to sculpting and mold making and she even spent a short time as a touring musician. Heather balances her creative practice with a successful real estate career and in 2018 began focusing on developing her oil painting skills and techniques. She was a finalist in the inaugural ‘International Biennial Portrait Competition’ at the Wausau Museum for Contemporary Art, and a finalist in both the 14th international Arc Salon and 2019 Portrait Society of America’s ‘Outside the Box’ category. She has exhibited her paintings across the United States and abroad, and has been published in PoetsArtists, American Art Collector, and other fine art magazines and websites. Her current studio is located in Louisville, Kentucky.