Canyon Motif by Linda Glover Gooch
24 x 20 in.
Oil on linen

During the 12th annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, 23 plein air artists
from around the country will gather at Grand Canyon National Park to face the challenges the canyon presents to those who attempt to capture its beauty, its vastness, and its ever-changing light and weather patterns on canvas. During Plein Air at Grand Canyon from September 12th through September 18th, visitors can watch the artists at work painting along the park’s South Rim.

Arizona artist Linda Glover Gooch is one of these artists, having painted at the
Canyon for many years. This is the 10th year that she has participated in the
Celebration of Art. She won the “Best Body of Work” award in 2014.

All of the participating Celebration of Art artists submit a Grand Canyon themed studio painting prior to the event. Of this year’s studio painting, Canyon Motif, Glover Gooch says:

“Evening along the Canyon creates a magic display for the viewer. As the light begins to fade a golden glow spreads across the canyon creating a buffet of harmonious color. Just a short trip up Hermits Road I came across this scene near Trail View Overlook. I was captivated by the quite mood, the warm colors that were set off by the cool shadows overtaking the landscape. The large shape of the front cliff set the stage for the evening performance. I believe the Grand Canyon is a place on earth that the viewer is never disappointed.”

Beginning September 20th, 2020, through January 18th, 2021, the work of these
accomplished artists will be exhibited and available for purchase online at:
For more information contact Kathy Duley at [email protected] or