Eustaquio Segrelles, "La Recollida de Verano, Valencia Espana"

Enjoy a preview of works such as “Pescadores de Valencia” and “Lo Mejer de Naranjos” by Spanish artist Eustaquio Segrelles, and take a video tour of his studio here.

Eustaquio Segrelles: De Luz y Fuerza, “Of Light and Strength” opened recently at Manitou Galleries on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The exhibition is open through October 4, 2020.

Watch Eustaquio Segrelles as gives us a peek into his studio with the help of his son, Takio:


Eustaquio Segrelles, “Bueyes en la Playa Valencia Espana 5”
Eustaquio Segrelles, “Naranjos 2”
Eustaquio Segrelles, “Lo Mejer de Naranjos”
Eustaquio Segrelles, “La Siega 2”
Eustaquio Segrelles, “Pescadores de Valencia”
Eustaquio Segrelles, “Playa de Valencia 2”
Eustaquio Segrelles, “Bueyes en la Playa Valencia Espana 4”

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