Realism Live - drawing for beginners - Erin Meads figure sketch A
Above: A moment from Erin Mead's drawing session on Beginner's Day

Just us now for Realism Live – a rare opportunity to see the world’s top artists teaching realistic painting and drawing in one place.

Here’s how it works. First, sign up here for a special link to the event. We start out by building some energy each morning. You can watch or participate if you have a camera on your device. Then we jump right into lessons. You can paint along, draw, or take notes. If you’ve missed any of the days so far, you can still access the recordings.

Realism Live Faculty Line-Up:

Realism Live 2020

You can take breaks from the sessions as you need them because you can watch your replay later. (Every registration comes with replays). And a couple times each day, we hold breakout sessions where you can meet other artists. You’ll have a chance to get to know people all over the world. You can talk about what you’ve learned, about your artwork, or just make friends. It’s one of the best parts. Then back to more lessons.

At the end of each day we have a virtual online cocktail hour, where our host, Eric Rhoads, carries on a conversation with the entire group worldwide. And, if you want, you can paint along. We provide a live model, or a scene, or a project to paint each day. (No model nudity.)

Please note this goes on for four days from 12pm to 9pm (Eastern time). We suggest you block out the time as if you were out of town.

The reality is that art is a process (but it’s a lot of fun – even in the struggle). You’ll find yourself recalling lessons for the coming months as you paint and practice. The more you watch the replays and read the notes, the more you’ll recall. And you’ll see a dramatic increase in your ability following the conference.

Look at this power-packed agenda:

Realism Live 2020

Join us now – yes, now – for Realism Live!

Register for Realism Live here >


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