Artists Sunday is a promotional effort on the part of artists, galleries, and art organizations around the country to encourage consumers to shop for the gift of art this holiday season. In our endeavor to help keep arts thriving during the pandemic, we’re proud to bring you this “Virtual Gallery Walk.”

Browse the paintings below and click any image to learn more about the painting, including how to contact the gallery.


Dandelion King by Lucia Heffernan (Born 1966), Oil on panel, 14 x 11 in., signed; Rehs Contemporary


If Your Names Not Down by Tony South (Born 1964), Oil on board, 9 x 7.75 in., signed; Rehs Contemporary


Sea Island Cotton by Loren DiBenedetto, oil, 30 x 24 in.; Anderson Fine Art Gallery


Summer by Katie Swatland, Archival Giclée, 14 x 18 in.; Ceres Gallery


Gill Gallery by Warren Chang (b. 1957), oil on canvas, 28 x 57 in., 2015; Art Ventures Gallery


Rosé and Roses by Tanvi Pathare, Original oil on linen, 19.70 x 21.70 in.; Hagan Fine Art


Conjuring by Beth Sistrunk (Born 1978), Oil on panel, 8 x 8 in., signed; Rehs Contemporary


Femme sur une Terrasse by Dietz Edzard (1893 – 1963), Oil on canvas, 21.5 x 18.125 in., signed; Rehs Galleries, Inc.

Want to see your gallery featured in an upcoming Virtual Gallery Walk? Contact us at [email protected] to advertise today – don’t delay, as spaces are first-come first-serve and availability is limited.


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