Cordair Art Gallery owners
Quent and Linda Cordair

Art Galleries Spotlight > Linda Cordair, Co-Owner/Director of Quent Cordair Fine Art, joined Fine Art Today for an exclusive Q&A about the gallery’s top priorities today, her advice for collectors, and more.

Quent Cordair Fine Art was established by artist Quent Cordair in 1996. As a premier provider of contemporary Romantic Realism in painting, sculpture, and drawing, QCFA has grown to serve an international clientele of private and corporate collectors.

Romantic Realism, the movement which renews the high esthetic standards and techniques of pre-20th century ateliers, brings a rebirth of comprehensibility, beauty, romanticism and stylization to contemporary subject matter. The gallery’s collection emphasizes themes which celebrate the moments of happiness, joy, and success possible to Man on earth. Subject matter includes figurative, narrative, allegorical, still lifes, seascapes and landscapes. Award-winning painters and sculptors of international renown are represented, as well as emerging artists of unique vision and accomplishment. Commissions are available for portraiture, murals, garden and architectural projects.

figurative art sculpture at Cordair art galleries
“Dare to Dream,” bronze sculpture by Karl Jensen

Cherie Dawn Haas: Please tell us about your gallery and the type of art in which you specialize. Feel free to share some of the history of your gallery with us.
Linda Cordair: Established in 1996, Quent Cordair Fine Art specializes in paintings and sculptures in the Romantic Realist style. Thirty artists – 20 painters and 10 sculptors are represented in two beautiful galleries; one in Napa, CA, and one in Jackson, WY.

"Lunch Break" by Quent Cordair
“Lunch Break” by Quent Cordair

CDH: What adjustments have you made as a gallery; what special challenges are you facing with opening a new gallery?
LC: Thankfully, our longevity and presence online have helped us navigate a challenging year of retail closures and limited travel due to the pandemic. The positive nature of the art we represent, has, and continues to serve as an essential source of fuel for many people around the world.

CDH: What’s your biggest priority at this time? Over the next year?
LC: Our biggest priority is always finding homes for the art.

Alto relief at Cordair art galleries
“Forever” by Bill Mack, limited-edition alto relief

CDH: What advice do you have for collectors as they navigate these times, and beyond?
LC: Surround yourself with what you love! Purchase art that you look forward to seeing every day; in your workspace, when you come home, when you open your eyes in the morning, and what you see before you close your eyes at the end of the day.

CDH: Anything else you’d like to add about the current issues galleries are navigating?
LC: Awareness that art is essential and should be enjoyed. That visiting a gallery can provide a much-needed emotional lift during stressful times.

CDH: What are some of the ways you find artists to represent?
LC: Most of our artists have been with us 15-25 years. We recently brought on two new painters. The “inn” is full for now.

Painting of a woman in space - Cordair Art Galleries
“How Far We’ve Come,” Bryan Larsen

Cordair Art Galleries - Painting installationCDH: Regarding your exhibitions, do you have a current online show?
LC: To our knowledge, we had the very first online art gallery back in the 1990’s – We do our best to provide beautiful images, information, and user-friendly options to enhance our online guests’ experiences.

CDH: Anything else you’d like to add?
LC: Presented with the opportunity, we enjoy supplementing our fans and customers’ art experience with education about displaying, lighting, and caring for their new treasures.

We also delight in school field trips to the galleries starting with the third grade.

We also offer “white glove tours” of the sculptures in the gallery by appointment. The tours provide unique and wonderful opportunities to experience the art tactilely.

"Keep the Flame" by Danny Grant
“Keep the Flame” by Danny Grant

Learn more about Quent Cordair Fine Art here.

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