Contemporary portraits
Xenia Hausner (b. 1951) "Before Life," 2015, oil on panel on hardboard, 51 x 63 in., The Bennett Collection of Women Realists © Studio Xenia Hausner / Bildrecht, Vienna, 2021 photo: Stefan Liewehr

The Albertina (Vienna) is honoring Austrian painter Xenia Hausner with a retrospective that has been titled “True Lies” due to the pivotal role that fictional visualizations and staging play in how she develops her large, intensely colored, and boldly brushed scenes.

Hausner begins by constructing elaborate cardboard installations that she then photographs after arranging her figure models within them.

It is primarily women who act out Hausner’s themes and stories, but these are not wilting nymphs or femmes fatales. They are strong and complex characters we must assess for ourselves.

At a Glance:
True Lies
The Albertina Museum, Vienna
Through August 8, 2021

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