Marine art oil paintings
David Curtis, RSMA, ROI, "Morning Light, Crinan Shipyard, Argyll," oil, 50 x 76 cm

On View: First International Digital Exhibition of Contemporary Marine Art

Hosted by the American Society of Marine Artists, through June 30, 2022
Website for more details:

This global exhibition represents marine art selected by the American Society of Marine Artists; the Australian Society of Marine Artists; the Canadian Society of Marine Artists; the French Association des Peintres Officiels de la Marine; and the UK’s Royal Society of Marine Artists.

Selected works from the Fellows of the American Society of Marine Artists:

Seascape paintings
June Carey, Fellow Emeritus – MacKerricher State Park, Mendocino County, CA – Oil on linen -24 H x 48 L

Artist Statement: “This is a scene of MacKerricher State Park in Mendocino County, CA. It was a favorite place for my late husband and ASMA Fellow, Dave Thimgan, to photograph great wave action for his paintings while he did research on the historical lumber trade which took place in and around this location. Through the mist in the distance on the right is a bridge that was part of an old lumber road. Dave is standing on it, while surveying the area with his telephoto lens.”


Marine art oil paintings
Peter Egeli, Fellow Emeritus – Oystering in the 1950’s – Oil – 35 x 66

Artist Statement: Skipjacks, bugeyes, schooners and sloops dredging for oysters were a common sight on winter days on Chesapeake Bay until recent decades. The Bay was so fruitful that large schooners from Delaware and New York would also work the oyster beds.


Marine art oil paintings of boats
William Muller, Fellow Emeritus – Albany, 1900 – Oil on canvas – 24 H x 36 L

Artist Statement: The Day Line steamer Albany makes a morning departure from her namesake city, at the start of her day’s run down to Manhattan on a June morning in 1900. She is about to pass through the opened Broadway swing bridge. The new State Capitol Building sits atop the Albany hill and the big night boat Adirondack lays at her wharf, in the far-right background, after having arrived from New York City earlier in the morning.

Marine art oil paintings of boats
John Stobart, Fellow Emeritus Uploading in Hong Kong, the Dashing Wave – Oil on linen -18 x 24

Artist Statement: Ever since my schoolboy days in Derby, England, I’ve had a fascination for maps of the world and the spread of the British Empire around the globe. Having an opportunity to paint the celebrated clipper ship, Dashing Wave, I felt the fabled port of Hong Kong with its intriguing colorful local craft and surrounding island peaks would be the perfect setting. In this scene the clipper rides at anchor while a Chinese junk, with its familiar fully battened sails, prepares to leave.


Marine art oil paintings of boat at sea
Christopher Blossom, Fellow – Schooner Monitor off Eastern Point – Oil on Linen – 22 x 36 in.

Artist Statement: The Schooner Monitor shoulders the swell aside as she reaches along with the rhythmic heave and rush of the sea alongside. It’s morning as several men on deck overhaul some of their gear. Perhaps the others are grabbing a bite to eat below after the long night. With a full load and a fair wind they made good time the past few days, but it’s always too long when homeward bound. Off the Starboard bow is Eastern Point. With this breeze it won’t take long to be clear, and from there the harbor opens before them and it is only a short run up to Gloucester and home.


Contemporary sculptures
Kent Ullberg, Fellow – Interdependency – bronze – 33″ x 18″ x 11″

Artist Statement: As an art student I became fascinated with the famous Italian renaissance painting ” Vertumnus” by Arcimboldo, a portrait of emperor Rudolf II, created from all forms of vegetables and fruits. In this sculpture I use the same approach to celebrate the interdependency of marine life in an ecosystem at the Texas coast. 46 different species, from microscopic plankton to mammals, come together to create the sculpture of a tarpon (a species itself dependent on several ecosystems). This is also a symbol for interdependency in all nature, where we play a part.

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