Impressionism paintings for art collecting
Nancy Crookston, "Chopin's Raindrops," 24x26 Oil

“Eight Takes: California Impressionism” exhibition features 8 nationally known Northern California impressionist artists. This exhibition revolves around each artist’s interpretation of California Impressionism reflected in the landscape and through figurative work.

More from the organizers:

Each of the artists in this exhibition embraces the impressionistic style in their paintings with their attention on the effects of light, loose brush work, and rich color. The work in this exhibition exemplifies each artists’ ability to capturing the atmosphere and emotion of a scene.

The terms “California Impressionism” and “California Plein Air Painting” describe the large movement of 20th century California artists who worked out of doors, directly from nature in California. Their work became popular in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern in the early 1900’s.

Artists working in this style embraced several key Impressionist interests, including loose brushwork, rich color, and, most of all, a fascination with the effects of sunlight. Some of the more famous early California artists include Edgar Payne, William Wendt, Guy Rose, Armin Hansen, Anna Althea Hills, E. Charleston Fortune and Granville Redmond.

Impressionism paintings for art collecting
Ellen Howard, “Radiance,” 20×24, Oil

Eight Takes: California Impressionism

Venue: Firehouse Arts Center- Harrington Gallery, Pleasanton, CA
Dates: September 11 to October 30, 2021
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 18

Participating Artists:
Nancy Seamons Crookston
Terri Ford
Ellen Howard
Ryan Jensen
Laurie Johnson
Jim McVicker
Carole Rafferty
Tonya Zenin

Painting Demos:

  • September 19: Nancy Seamons Crookston portrait demo
  • October 3: Laurie Johnson portrait demo
  • October 10: Ellen Howard seascape demo
Impressionism paintings for art collecting
Terri Ford, “Paris Night,” 9×12, Pastel
Impressionism paintings for art collecting
Ryan Jensen, “Last Light in the Marina,” 24×32, Oil
Laurie Johnson, "A Great Sense of Dignity," 6x9, Oil
Laurie Johnson, “A Great Sense of Dignity,” 6×9, Oil
Impressionism paintings for art collecting
Jim McVicker, “Community Garden Sunflowers,” 24×36, Oil

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