David Driskell (1931–2020),
David Driskell (1931–2020), "Woman with Flowers," 1972, oil and collage on canvas, 37 1/2 x 38 1/2 in., Art Bridges Foundation, Bentonville, Arkansas

David Driskell: Icons of Nature & History
Washington, D.C.
through January 9, 2022

The Phillips Collection is presenting “David Driskell: Icons of Nature & History,” the first extensive exhibition focused on the art of David Driskell (1931–2020), who served as a trustee at the museum until 2019.

It features more than 50 paintings, collages, prints, and drawings he created when he wasn’t busy being an influential art historian, curator, and educator.

Organized by the High Museum of Art (Atlanta) and Portland Museum of Art (Maine), the show was coordinated at the Phillips by curator Adrienne L. Childs, who was — like many Black art professionals —mentored by Driskell.

His art is most closely associated with the medium of collage and the incorporation of African forms, though he explored many aesthetic avenues during seven decades of work.

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