7 Realist Works Available for Bidding Now


Bids are now being accepted for realist works at Sotheby’s New York.

This past July, the 15th International Art Renewal Center (ARC) Salon Exhibition, which encompassed close to 100 works, débuted at Sotheby’s New York. A selection of 28 works from the show were auctioned in “Contemporary Realism: Important 21st Century Works.”

Since then, the ARC has worked to place seven masterworks created by the following outstanding artists into the “Contemporary: Discoveries” sale: Hiroshi Furuyoshi (lot 166), Christopher Remmers (lot 143), Evgeniy Monahov (lot 149), Randalf Dilla (lot 225), Vincent Figliola (lot 148), Tina Garrett (lot 109), and Adrienne Stein (lot 228).

"Maya" by Hiroshi Furuyoshi
“Maya” by Hiroshi Furuyoshi
Contemporary realism art auctions
“La Dolce Vita” by Vincent Figliola
Contemporary realism art collection
“Demeter” by Adrienne Stein
Contemporary realism paintings of horses
“Mystic” by Tina Garrett
fine art collections and auctions
“Eruption” by Randalf Dilla
Figurative art collections
“Dancing with Duality” by Christopher Remmers
Narrative art realism
“Medea” by Evgeniy Monahov

Although most of the works have been newly created, all of the artists participating have been past winners in the International ARC Salon Competitions. The auction is open for bidding at sothebys.com through March 16, 2022.

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