pastel painting of Bridalveil Falls
Spirit of the Puffing Wind, Bridalveil Falls, Kim Lordier, Pastel, 24 x 36 in, $ 10,000

Spirit of the Puffing Wind, Bridalveil Falls
By Kim Lordier
24 x 36 in.
$ 10,000

Artist Kim Lordier says, “The Ahwahneechee Native Americans called this waterfall “Pohono”, which means “Spirit of the Puffing Wind”. In a brisk wind, the falling water is often blown sideways, and when the flow is light, it may not reach the ground directly below. This massive granite wall in Yosemite, 617 feet, is the backdrop to the beautiful Bridalveil Falls. This photo does not do the painting justice, as the sparkling light bouncing off the icy snow and flowing Merced River just glow in real life.”

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