Works by Contemporary Chinese Artists


Echoes of Nature: Works by Contemporary Chinese Artists
Studio Channel Islands Gallery
Camarillo, California
through July 30, 2022

Chinese artists
NAN LIU (b. 1974), “Climbing Up,” 2017, color and ink on Xuan paper, 66 x 33 in., available through the artist

The Studio Channel Islands Gallery recently opened “Echoes of Nature: Works by Contemporary Chinese Artists,” an exhibition curated by Aihua Zhou Pearce, Ph.D., who teaches drawing at California Lutheran University. Her focus is Chinese and Chinese-American artists who depict figures and landscape, utilizing their academic training to create new forms of contemporary realist art that bridge Eastern and Western visual culture.

The show is organized around four themes. First is the new approach to figuration represented by Xu Weixin, who makes portraits of sooty-faced workers who risk their lives mining coal, and by Victor Wang, who uses rich color to evoke a sense of movement more dynamic than what we often see in traditional Chinese art. Second is a new form of landscape painting epitomized by Mao Qingyun, who prefers to work in tempera, and third is the artist Mian Situ, who researches and depicts the struggles of early Chinese immigrants in America. Finally, there is the socially engaged art of Nan Liu, who paints the lives of students on his Florida university campus, and of California professor Yu Ji, who draws with pencils to capture how Chinese men live in America today.

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