artist Mark White painting en plain
Mark White, plein air painting, El Rancho de las Golondrinas, Plein Air Convention (PAC) Santa Fe, NM 2022

How do you find inspiration?
Mark White: Sometimes I refer to my drive to paint as a “fealty to the presence”. Recently, I moved to California and on the day I arrived, my son Ethan took me down to Broad Beach. I was awestruck by the sunset that greeted me. I have never had my consciousness so expanded as when I am sitting next to the ocean.

My “Ocean Atmosphere” collection is a result of being intrigued by and motivated to present on canvas how magical that morning moment is when the sun finally shines through a marine layer, and how the evening light reflects from the color-turning sky onto the receding tide.

My “New Mexico Gesso” collection began when I was experimenting with acrylic gesso that was heavily pigmented. Mixing the gesso with fibrous and sandy texture has resulted in a surface that has a feeling of pixelation, reminiscent of the chaotic weeds and grasses that you see in New Mexico.

I would often work on one painting from my home in Santa Fe on two different days. The light was very similar both days which resulted in a deep, receding, slightly atmospheric blending of the light conditions. This process gave the paintings a cinematic feel, allowing the overlapping areas of light to be in pristine focus.

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oil painting of sunset over ocean
Mark White, Malibu Broad Beach, oil on canvas, 24 x 36 in, Available through the artist
oil painting of texture filled desert with the different rolling hills landscape
Mark White, On the Road to Chama, acrylic gesso on canvas, 15 x 30 in, Available through the artist


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