Highlights From Master Watercolor Artists at Work


The 3rd Annual Watercolor Live came to an end Saturday, January 28, wrapping up with even more of today’s best watercolor artists sharing all of their secrets, explaining their materials, methods, and more.

The next Live event is March 9-11, 2023, with Plein Air Live. Join us then to be with fellow painters online for days of demonstrations, Q&A with your favorite artists, mingling during the breakout rooms and cocktail hours, and the incredible faculty painting auction.

From Hazel Soan's session - Watercolor Live
From Hazel Soan’s session

“In watercolor, we can’t actually paint the light because the white paper is the light,” explained Hazel Soan in her Beginner’s Day workshop. “You cannot paint the light. You have to paint around the light by using tints and shades.”

From Thomas Schaller's session
From Thomas Schaller’s session

Artist Thomas Schaller kicked off Day 1 of Watercolor Live on Thursday, January 26 with a live on-screen demo that included a conversational Q&A with Kelly Kane. Schaller shared not only his painting techniques but also generous words of wisdom about being an artist and learning to paint in general.

From Stan Miller’s session
From Stan Miller’s session

Stan Miller began his painting demo by going over how to use a photo reference; in this case, it was of his godson. After cropping the image, he showed us how to transfer the photo onto paper to have as a guide for the drawing. During the demo, he flipped the photo and painted it upside down as he continue adding detail.

From Birgit O'Connor's session
From Birgit O’Connor’s session

Previously at Watercolor Live, Birgit O’Connor led a session on Beginner’s Day but this year she took us inside her personal painting process. She used a composition that demonstrated her techniques for underpainting, using harmonized color, creating flower petals without overlapping the edges, working with shadows and even negative painting in specific areas.

The next Live event is coming in March with Plein Air Live, so visit PleinAirLive.com now to register and be with fellow artists online for days of demonstrations, Q&A with your favorite artists, and mingling during the breakout rooms and cocktail hours.

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