artist with her current paintings in her studio
Karen Ann at her studio Hughes Easel with “Boca Rise” and “Night In Day” two works in progress on the easel, along with thumbnails, and inspiring notes tacked to the easel.

How do you describe success?
Karen Ann Hitt: Having the opportunity to fully utilize aesthetic abilities in an environment allowing for growth and the continual development of its potential defines success to this artist. I love these three Michelangelo quotes: “I am still learning” spoken at 87. “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” Success is having the opportunity to seek to reflect those shadows, continually pushing self to new limits and learning all along the way. There is no greater honor than when a collector connects and brings An Original Hitt into their home to add to their collection.

How do you find inspiration?
Karen Ann Hitt: Inspiration rises from the emotion that causes an ‘at that moment…’ pause, and then the deep desire to capture it — reflecting those influential daily moments that occur in all our lives. Passion is to reflect light, life, land, expressions as genuinely experienced ‘at that moment.’

To see more of Karen’s work, visit:

painting of large clouds coming over the ocean; blue sky above;rainfall over ocean
Karen Ann Hitt, “Thunder’s Gift,” 12 x 9 in., Gouache on W/C board, Plein Air Work 2023. There is nothing quite like the thunderheads as they rise over the sea in the keys. The title says it all with this one, Thunder’s Gift.
oil painting of sun shining through clouds, creating rays peaking through over an ocean with rocks and sand in the foreground
Karen Ann Hitt, “Alleluia,” Oil on Linen, 36 x 48 in., 2022.Sometimes when we experience a view, all that we can say in reply is ‘Thank You for the blessing’! Alleluia- means “God be praised” yes indeed, Godspeed.


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