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Contemporary realism figurative art

Portrait of a Portraitist

How Yuqi Wang, a master of portraiture, discovered Western Art, defied authorities in school, and has answered the question, "Why am I here?"
Contemporary realism portrait painting

Influenced by Culture: Oil Portraits by Pavel Sokov

In his studio, Sokov is eager to express through paint the stories of the distinctive characters he encounters during his travels abroad.
Contemporary realism painting of a girl with rabbit

Tanya Atanasova: On Becoming a Portrait Painter

Bulgarian-born figurative painter Tanya Atanasova shares how extremely emotional, intense moments, and strained relationships have informed her art. "Back in the day, surviving was a real thing," she says. "Having the skill for 'guessing the person' and knowing who to trust was often your only weapon in life. So, there is no wonder I primarily paint people and portraits."

Rare Portrait of Henri III Discovered

The first ever signature by a renowned court artist has been uncovered during conservation. Discover the artist and see the work up close in this reveal.
Contemporary portrait paintings

Artist to Watch: Portrait Painter Nick Gebhart

At first glance, the portrait paintings of Nick Gebhart advertise the merits of strict adherence to tradition and a skill-based technique. Despite his highly detailed finish and faithful representation, however, the 31-year-old artist does not just replicate what is in front of him.
Painting portraits - Jean Pederson - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Spotlight: Portraits of a Hybrid Style

Go behind the scenes of these portraits and see why Jean Pederson has “an undeniable craving.”
Portrait paintings - Steve Forster - FineArtConnoisseur.com

“Portrait Stories” by Realist Painter Steve Forster

Regardless of what he paints or in what fashion, Forster’s primary interests are individuals’ stories and the relationships among people...
Burton Silverman, "Before the Race, Oil on Canvas, 22 x 16 inches

Burton Silverman: Thoughtful Portraits

Swaying back and forth between tighter brushstrokes for the finer details and looser brushiness for mood and ambiance, Silverman finds the balance between realism and abstraction.
Collectors Spotlight: Nikolai Blokhin Portrait Painting

Collectors Spotlight: Nikolai Blokhin Portrait Painting

We had the opportunity to chat with the buyer, who told us, "I was totally mesmerized by the brushwork..."
Facebook Live Series: Gregory Mortenson “Realistic Self Portraits” **FREE LESSON VIEWING**

Facebook Live Series: Gregory Mortenson “Realistic Self Portraits” **FREE LESSON VIEWING**

Artist Gregory Mortenson is exactly the right instructor to show you how to capture your own portrait, creating a family treasure for generations to come. 

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