Known as the land of “Big Sky,” Montana is filled with dramatic and fabulously beautiful vistas of mountains, plains, and rivers. Many artists have drawn inspiration from these spaces, including Monte Dolack, who’s earned a solo exhibition.
A native of Great Falls, Montana, Monte Dolack is no stranger to the beauty his home state has to offer, and, like so many before him, he cultivated an appreciation for it early. Working in both graphic and painterly styles, Dolack displays a range of artistic talent in his art, which comes to the fore in “Monte Dolack: Landscapes & Mythologies” at the Bigfork Museum of Art & History. “A love of the natural world, combined with his exuberant curiosity and travel experiences, has shaped the content of Monte’s imagery,” says the museum. “Blending mythology, technology, and elements from nature, his work is infused with a sense of humor and irony.”
“Learning to Sit” is an entertaining picture from the exhibition. The painting shows two subjects — Monte and his dog — sitting across from one another in chairs. The expressions and posture of the two are nearly identical, leaving viewers the task of deciphering Dolack’s message.

Monte Dolack, “Learning to Sit,” 2014, acrylic on panel, 8 x 10 in. Monte Dolack Gallery

“Saint Mary Meadow” is one of Dolack’s gorgeous landscapes featured in the exhibition. The artist’s graphic skill is highlighted in the foreground, where a beautiful meadow populated with yellow and purple wildflowers sweeps toward the viewer. In the middle- and background, Dolack’s painterly touch can be observed, with a soft, atmospheric light falling on the granite peaks in the distance. The effect is one of softness and sharpness, which aids in one’s perception of receding space.
“Monte Dolack: Landscapes & Mythologies” opened on July 17 and will be on view through August 29.
To learn more, visit the Bigfork Museum of Art & History.
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