Nude bodies are spotlighted in a variety of artistic ways during the 7th Annual International Competitive Exhibit at Manifest Gallery. Find out who’s featured in this year’s show.
Artists throughout history have looked at the human body for inspiration, studying its proportions, ratios, and movement in order to translate that energy and form into paint, bronze, and marble — among many other mediums. Depending on time, culture, and place, artists have manipulated views of the body, taking its form beyond nature and into idealization but also exploring the grotesque and bodies deformed. Even today, the art of the body continues to move us, and one can surmise that we will always have an artistic fascination with ourselves, especially as technology, science, and medicine evolve and affect the figure.

Nadine Robbins, “In Memory of Henry,” (c) Manifest Gallery

Several jury members searched through nearly 500 works by 171 artists to curate the exhibition “NUDE: Exploring the Uncovered Human Form” at Manifest Gallery in Ohio. The gallery reports, “Through all the permutations art has experienced across history, work of the body persists. We use the human nude to master skill, understand ourselves, and push social and psychological buttons for the sake of expression (sensual, delicate, aggressive, and so on). We intend for Manifest’s ongoing annual NUDE project to explore how our collective body is used today in art to achieve these goals and more.”

Marcus Michels, “Curl,” (c) Manifest Gallery

Continuing, “This year we were excited to renew our invitation to artists to submit works in any media, of any style or genre (abstract, conceptual, highly realistic, etc.), and of any size, for consideration.” All told, the exhibition will feature 21 works by 14 artists from the United States, Canada, and Germany.

Barbara Kacicek, “What Can I do with this Eternal Longing,” (c) Manifest Gallery

Artists featured in the show include Mike Binzer, Michael Durando, Lucas James, Barbara Kacicek, William Kitchens, Daniel Maidman, Susannah Martin, Marcus Michels, Dora Natella, Nick Reszetar, Nadine Robbins, Sally Bousquet, and Debra Small.   
“NUDE: Exploring the Uncovered Human Form” opened on August 14 and will be on view through September 11.
To learn more, visit Manifest Gallery.
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