Alan Larkin took home Best of Show honors at the 91st Annual Exhibition at the Hoosier Salon. Discover what other artists are featured in the show.
Created in 1925, the Hoosier Salon was established to showcase the many talented artists Indiana had to offer. In addition, the institution sought to encourage artists, to help develop their profiles and skills, and to furnish a profitable market that would ignite the amateur and support the professional. Ninety-one years later, the Hoosier Salon is still realizing those goals, and its annual exhibition features countless beautiful artworks juried by Qiang Huang and Randall Sexton.

C.W. Mundy, “Brass & Pomegranates,” oil, 39 x 39 in. (c) Hoosier Salon

Fred Doloresco, “Morning, Warehouse,” oil, 36 x 48 in. (c) Hoosier Salon

Winning Best of Show was Alan Larkin’s “Alarms and Diversions,” a captivating image that displays an illustrative touch. At center is an elephant-like form constructed with an arrangement of fabrics and tassels. Watching the elephant is a statue-like mouse. C.W. Mundy earned the Jurors’ Prize of Distinction for “Brass & Pomegranates,” while Fred Doloresco grabbed the Jurors’ Award of Recognition for his “Morning, Warehouse.”

John Reynolds, “The Artist,” oil, 18 x 18 in. (c) Hoosier Salon

Lawrence Rudolech, “I Remember,” oil, 31 x 31 in. (c) Hoosier Salon

Robert Bratton, “Gasworks II,” watercolor, 38 x 23 in. (c) Hoosier Salon

Other prizes included Best Portrait, taken by John Reynolds, Best Figural Composition, earned by Lawrence Rudolech, and Best Scene, taken by Robert Bratton.
The Hoosier Salon’s 91st Annual Exhibition opened on July 30 and will be on view through September 26.
To learn more, visit the Hoosier Salon.
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