For an entire month, Cody, Wyoming, was filled with auctions, demonstrations, classes, exhibitions, a Boot Scoot’n Boogie, and more.
From August 26 through September 26, Cody, Wyoming, was bustling with a number of outstanding fine art events as part of the 2015 Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale. Among the events was a Boot Scoot’n Boogie, which featured local artists, businesses, classic cars, and musical entertainment along Cody’s Sheridan Avenue. Classes included an opportunity to build and design floor lamps. Students learned hands-on woodworking techniques from artist John Gallis over a two-day period while Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey and Jeff Rudolph offered chances to learn sculpting and painting, respectively.
Also featured among the multitude of events were a number of outstanding lectures, notably from Fine Art Connoisseur’s own editor-in-chief, Peter Trippi, who discussed his long experience in the art world and what to do with an art collection. Salt Lake City author and curator Donna Poulton offered her thoughts on how to build an impressive collection on a budget as well.
Highlighting the series of events was the 34th Annual Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale on Friday, September 25, which boasted a number of tantalizing artworks available for purchase. Over 100 artists were featured in the live auction, including Ann Hanson, Matt Smith, Michael Coleman, Doug Hall, Linda St. Clair, Laurie J. Lee, and featured artist Chris Navarro. A complete list of artists can be found here.
To learn more, visit the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale.
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Andrew Webster is the former Editor of Fine Art Today and worked as an editorial and creative marketing assistant for Streamline Publishing. Andrew graduated from The University of North Carolina at Asheville with a B.A. in Art History and Ceramics. He then moved on to the University of Oregon, where he completed an M.A. in Art History. Studying under scholar Kathleen Nicholson, he completed a thesis project that investigated the peculiar practice of embedded self-portraiture within Christian imagery during the 15th and early 16th centuries in Italy.


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