Working in a variety of styles, five New York-based painters feature in an outstanding group exhibition centering on the versatile medium of paper.
Bertrand Delacroix Gallery (BDG) in New York City is jubilant to open its doors today, October 1, for “Works on Paper,” an exhibition featuring five former students of the renowned Art Students League of New York. Visitors can expect a range of styles and subject matter, from the figural to abstraction to architectural and beyond, united through their unconventional use of paper and watercolor.

Kathryn Keller Larkins, “I-494,” 2015, watercolor on paper, 44 1/2 x 65 in.
(c) Bertrand Delacroix Gallery 2015

The five stars of the show are Elizabeth Allison, Chizuru Morii Kaplan, Mitsu Haraguchi, Kathryn Keller Larkins, and Norbert Waysberg.
BDG states, “Whether illustrating architecture, nudes, cityscapes, or nature, the works blur the line between figuration and abstraction. Each piece shows off not only the finished product, but offers a glimpse into the emotional artistic process as the visible drops and splashes of paint prove to be integral to the composition. Collectively, the works in the exhibition celebrate the delicate medium by challenging expectations and pushing the boundaries of traditional watercolor work.”

Elizabeth Allison, “El Dorado,” 2015, watercolor on paper, 60 x 40 in.
(c) Bertrand Delacroix Gallery 2015

Influenced by her love of classical buildings and architecture, Kaplan’s “St. Patrick, NYC” is a beautifully detailed watercolor of the aging cathedral. Shown from a low perspective, the two monumental towers of the church’s façade present a dominating presence in the work. In a grid-like arrangement, Kaplan has detailed the massive amount of scaffolding that surrounds the cathedral’s front. Only parts of the structure are visible toward the top. Balancing the strong upward movement of the towers is a patterned arrangement of runny, dripped watercolor. The hues in the work are captivating as well, predominantly consisting of whites, grays, and blues.

Mitsu Haraguchi, “House on the Hill,” 2015, watercolor on paper, 51 x 61 in.
(c) Bertrand Delacroix Gallery 2015

Norbert Waysberg, “Sunlight,” 2015, watercolor on paper, 51 x 76 in.
(c) Bertrand Delacroix Gallery 2015

Waysberg’s “Sunlight” is a highlight as well and showcases the figural potential of the exhibition. Curled and lying on a floor is a nude subject, the feet turned away from the viewer. The spatial context of the piece is mysterious, as the figure appears to lie on a sheet of linen or paper. At close consideration, the beautiful bleeding and blending of colors come to the fore as details soften and forms dissolve.
“Works on Paper” opens today, October 1, and will be on view through October 31.
To learn more, visit Bertrand Delacroix Gallery.
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