Two incredibly valuable, albeit small, Francisco de Goya works were stolen this month from a private home in Madrid.
The “Dream of St. Joseph” is a marvelous work by Romantic artist Francisco de Goya. An angel sweeping into the scene from the left gracefully approaches a reclining and sleeping saint dressed in brilliant orange. A bright, divine light illuminates the scene from above as the winged being reaches to touch St. Joseph’s shoulder.
This work, along with another drawing by Goya, “Sketches of Heads,” was reported stolen from a private home in a wealthy suburb of Madrid earlier this month. Spanish police believe the thieves did not target the art specifically, but found the works while in in pursuit of jewels and money within a safe. Entering the home on the evening of September 1, the bandits disarmed the home’s security system in a highly coordinated and planed theft. The residents, who’ve remained anonymous, were not home during the raid.
Interpol is working closely with Art Recovery Group and has withheld some information on the crime as the investigation continues.
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Andrew Webster is the former Editor of Fine Art Today and worked as an editorial and creative marketing assistant for Streamline Publishing. Andrew graduated from The University of North Carolina at Asheville with a B.A. in Art History and Ceramics. He then moved on to the University of Oregon, where he completed an M.A. in Art History. Studying under scholar Kathleen Nicholson, he completed a thesis project that investigated the peculiar practice of embedded self-portraiture within Christian imagery during the 15th and early 16th centuries in Italy.


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