Matthew Bober is one of those painters who take trompe l’oeil to a new level in his magnetic, contemporary still life images. Bober’s recent works head to Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, for a solo exhibition this month.
For the past eight years, painter Matthew Bober has been working under the tutelage of renowned artist Jeff Koons, honing his individual style and building a body of work to be featured during a solo exhibition at Robert Lange Studios in South Carolina this month. Titled “Serenade,” the exhibition showcases Bober’s outstanding talent for realism, which some might call hyperrealism.

Matthew Bober, “Yellow Cat Bird,” oil on panel, 10 x 10 in. (c) Robert Lange Studios 2015

The gallery suggests, “Bober’s realist, bordering on hyperrealist, style gives his still lives a strong vibrancy, but it is not the technique, as much as the subject matter, that sets Bober apart. Each painting depicts found objects including skulls and mechanical parts, which Bober has carefully arranged before painting.”

Matthew Bober, “Clockworks,” oil on panel, 16 x 16 in. (c) Robert Lange Studios 2015

Bober himself recalls, “When I design a painting it’s always conceived first in my mind. The colors, the textures and objects are all actors cast to tell a visual story. I like using the same objects weaving in and out of paintings, creating a personal iconography and giving them a world to exist in. Nothing I paint would ever just happen to be come upon. I don’t paint nature, I reimagine it.”

Matthew Bober, “Caracal and Three Shells,” oil on panel, 9 x 18 in. (c) Robert Lange Studios 2015

“Serenade” opens tomorrow, November 6 and will hang through November 27.
To learn more, visit Robert Lange Studios.
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