Featuring a number of his latest works at the Arden Gallery is accomplished painter Danny Galieote, who draws upon his affinity for 1950s American pop imagery to create illustrative beauty.
Painter Danny Galieote seems to have always displayed rare artistic talent, and indeed he continues to ascend in the art world via outstanding works that display not only a beautiful illustrative style, but capture — and comment on — popular imagery of the 1950s and 1960s. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Galieote studied at several colleges before instructing students himself and becoming one of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ top artists. Still working out of his L.A. studio, Galieote is thrilled to be showcasing his latest works during a solo exhibition at Arden Gallery in Boston. Having opened on December 1, the show of Galieote’s works will be on view through December 29.

Danny Galieote, “The Picnic,” 2015, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 in. (c) Arden Gallery 2015

A highlight of the exhibition is the gorgeous — albeit unconventional — “I Think It’s Ready Dear.” Undoubtedly inspired by popular 1950s advertising, a plush-looking woman dressed in period clothing stands in her kitchen. The stove and oven before her display the evening’s meal: a lobster, which rests on top with lemon and garnish, and an octopus, which eerily emerges from a pan in the oven with carrots. The creature is clearly alive, possibly contradicting the picture’s title, but nevertheless adding a striking improbable feature to the painting. Every other element within the work appears in its right place and time. The illustration is outstanding in the piece and clearly displays Galieote’s acute skill.

Danny Galieote, “Sweet Innamorata,” 2015, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 in. (c) Arden Gallery 2015

“Danny Galieote” opened on December 1 and will hang through December 9. To learn more, visit Arden Gallery.

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