Opening on December 11 is a tantalizing exhibition of acclaimed printmakers Leon Loughridge and Joel Ostlind at Ann Korologos Gallery in Basalt, Colorado.
The beautiful prints by master artists Leon Loughridge and Joel Ostlind will illuminate Basalt’s Ann Korologos Gallery on December 11. Both artists show highly coveted works, which are held in public, private, and corporate collections.
Drawing intensely from his love of New Mexico, Loughridge’s prints display a rich variety of color, excellent compositional strategies, and captivating atmospheric depth. “Indian Summer 15/20” is one example that typifies the beauty of the southwestern landscapes that Loughridge portrays. Using the ancient wood block method, Loughridge captures a stunning level of detail and spatial reality in the piece. The piece is also endowed with great character, as nearly each stroke of the carving can be detected.

Joel Ostlind, “Back to the Drawing Board 13/18,” copper plate etching, 8 x 4 in. (c) Ann Korologos Gallery 2015

The works by Wyoming native Joel Ostlind are equally beautiful, especially “Back to the Drawing Board 13/18.” Predominantly using etching to create his images, Ostlind’s prints have a more detailed, finer, and linear character. In “Back to the Drawing Board 13/18” we find an image of a classical nude. Albeit simple and not heavily detailed, there is a stoic and timeless appeal to the print. Viewed from behind, the figure is imaged with short strokes of the burin, with hatching used to form the figure’s three-dimensionality.
“Works on Paper: Leon Loughridge and Joel Ostlind” opens tomorrow, December 11, and will hang through January 4.
To learn more, visit Ann Korologos Gallery.
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