For 53 years, the Alamo Kiwanis Club has sponsored a major art show and sale to benefit local children’s charities in the San Antonio, Texas, region. To date, over $2.75 million has been donated via the Alamo Kiwanis Club. What’s on the slate for 2016?
There’s nothing quite like purchasing great art for a great cause, and for 53 years, the Western and Heritage Art Show has represented both. The impetus for the event was in 1963, with then-president of the Alamo Kiwanis Club Charities Harry Halff, who wanted to offer outstanding art to benefit his charity. On the grounds of the 1964 Livestock Exposition, the first ever Western and Heritage Art Show was held, featuring 272 paintings from nearly 100 artists.
The 2016 Western and Heritage Art Show will feature 40 acclaimed artists and will take place on Friday, January 22. Via the show’s press release: “The event includes catering, a casino party and raffle, full bar selection and live music. Artwork styles include oil paintings, watercolors, etchings and other styles of original works.”
In addition to the regularly scheduled events, the 2016 show will feature a new “Student Art Competition” to help raise extra funds. Organizers suggest that “the competition encourages students to create visual art inspired by their heritage. The winner will have the opportunity to feature and sell their artwork at the fundraising event.”
To learn more, visit the Western and Heritage Art Show.
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